At Antaris, we specialise in management systems consultancy, training and software solutions.

Our experienced consultants provide expert guidance, assurance and practical advice in critical areas such as:

• Health and safety
• Quality
• Accessibility
• Environment
• Energy
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Food Safety
• Information Security

We work with organisations across a range of industries that need to make the most of their resources to operate effectively and efficiently while minimising risk and meeting their legal obligations.

Antaris provides a flexible service, customised to your specific requirements. Our expertise and no-nonsense approach allow us to provide you with confidence in the management of your business’s performance, risks and efficiency.

Antaris’s services are complemented by our flagship software, Pegasus. We have developed Pegasus for multi-site multinational enterprises in heavily-regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food process, utilities and waste management. It enables them to achieve on-going compliance with management standards, regulation and legislation.

Pegasus addresses:
1. The risks of having non-standardised tools and procedures across jurisdictions and sites
2. Gaps in the current process that leave the organisation at risk of loss of a standard, prosecution or litigation, or reputational damage
3. Shortfalls of existing tools in implementing new standards
4. Misinterpretation of legislation

The Pegasus solution helps your organisation manage its compliance requirements across sites through three components: a legal register, site-specific interpretation, and an evaluation tool to measure compliance.

To find out more about Antaris, visit us at www.antarisconsulting.com.
For further information on the Pegasus solution, please see www.pegasuslegalregister.com


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