ISO 14001: Status update

At present, ISO 14001 is at the fourth stage of a six stage revision process. The Draft International Standard (DIS) was released in July 2014. By moving to the DIS stage, the new draft version is now open to public comment, which presents an opportunity for anyone who is interested to submit feedback to the experts on the technical committee that is revising the standard. The publication of the DIS will enable organisations to start planning for their transition to the new standard when it is published in Q3 of 2015.

The three month balloting and commenting period (public inquiry) will begin on 28 August 2014. The next planned meeting is in February 2015 to review comments from the DIS ballot, revise the text, as applicable to comments, and issue a Final Draft International Standard.

The principle changes in the new draft include a greater focus on risk management and a shift towards improving environmental performance rather than the management system itself.

A full list of the changes can be found here.


The Environmentalist – August 2014 Edition

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