Risk Assessment in the largest oilfield in the world


We are pleased to announce our appointment by Saudi state oil company Saudi Aramco to carry out an Environmental Risk Assessment in the Ghawar Field, which measures 280 x 30 km and is by far the largest conventional oilfield in the world.

As part of our work, we will develop a Register of Environmental Aspects for Seismic Survey, which involves the use of Vibrators (Vibroseis Units), with crews of up to 1,000 people at a time working from a base camp and various locations in the field.

The Vibroseis Units generate seismic energy and the reflected vibrations are measured using sophisticated equipment to compile a three-dimensional map of the sub-surface rock formations and petroleum reservoir.

With a broad range of environmental issues to be considered (including emissions to atmosphere, wastes and waste water generation), Antaris will assess all risks to the environment, which will enable Saudi Aramco to minimise the impact of noise and the possible disruption of historical, cultural, ecological, religious sites of interest, agricultural land or populated areas.

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