Antaris awarded 3 year LGMA contract


Antaris is proud to announce that we have recently been awarded a three-year contract by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) to provide cusomised health and safety legislative profiles for all of the local authorities in Ireland. These profiles will be provided through the web-based Pegasus Legal Register and each local authority will be provided with a summary of all health and safety legislation applicable to it. Any new or amended legislation will be communicated to each local authority employee by email as part of the on-going updating service. In addition the Pegasus Legal Register service identifies the specific implications of each piece of legislation for the relevant local authority.

Some local authorities will also use the health and safety legislation compliance evaluation questionnaires to assist them in implementing OHSAS 18001, the health and safety management system standard. The implementing organisation is required to demonstrate that it understands what legislation is applicable to it and if it is in compliance with the legislation. The compliance evaluation questionnaires meet this requirement of the standard.

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